YNG & YR PRTNR business development+control bv is a dynamic office located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Van der Hoevenplein 347. We started operations in May 2011 and are registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Rotterdam under file number 52714004.


Though started with humble beginnings, we have grown today into a company implementing high value projects in Netherlands, India and Suriname. We operate in the sectors of Agri & Food Processing, Energy (Solar, Wind & Hydro), Tourism & Hospitality, Healthcare, Animal Husbandry (Dairy & Poultry) and Education.


Our partners include Corporates, Governments, Non-Government Organisations, High Net worth Individuals and Entrepreneurs. Our USP is that we conceptualise the Project based on the geographies and the demographics and have the expertise to follow it up through all stages of Planning, Construction and Execution.      




To be a global industry leader in implementing high value projects and deliver the same with the highest possible quality in order to ensure sustenance beyond time. 


Mission Statement


To align all stakeholders with the vision and create value addition in all the sectors and geographies where we operate by building state of art facilities incorporating the latest trends and technologies.


Core Values



We believe that no business can flourish without Integrity. The record of our accomplishments is the best proof of our merit. And we can maintain merit only if there is lateral, vertical and horizontal integrity in the organisation. It is a culture and we strongly proliferate the same amongst all employees and stakeholders.



Y2P is committed to the welfare of customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders, and society. All stakeholders contribute to our success, and we are dedicated to serving their best interests.



Innovation is the wellspring of our growth, and is a part of all aspects of our business, from strategic planning, marketing and management, to technology and manufacturing. With us, innovation means more than new ideas, it means putting ideas into practice.

Customer Trust

At Y2P, customers come first. Their success is our success, and we value their ability to compete as we value our own. We strive to build deep and enduring relationships with our customers, who trust and rely on us to be part of their success over the long term.